This page gives access to the latest prerelease version of AcornPipe software.

The prerelease version is appropriate for users who are interested in the very latest enhancements and are willing to provide feedback in the event that problems come up.
Not every prerelease version goes on to become the current release.

Please note that AcornPipe.exe is not an installation program - it is a direct replacement for your existing file of the same name. Save AcornPipe.exe to your desktop first, then copy it into the AcornPipe program folder, which is usually C:\Program Files (x86)/AcornPipe, to replace the existing file of the same name.

Don't make the mistake of putting AcornPipe.exe into the AcornClients folder.

The link below refers to AcornPipe version 8-742, dated 2018-06-10.
If you are upgrading from version 8-712 or earlier, use the full install for version 8-742, which is on the AcornPipe Updates page.

  AcornPipe PreRelease version

  List of Recent Enhancements to AcornPipe